Activities with AkzoNobel

Painter trainings are one of the most common activity types in the Let's Colour partnership. They take different formats, depending on the possibilities in the country. For example, in Nigeria, for a period of 8 weeks SOS young people go through a DULUX Painter Academy, with weekly trainings for the first 4 weeks, followed by job shadowing for another 3 weeks. Another format is the example from Indonesia, where a one day painter training happens two times a year for basic knowledge, followed by a one day advanced training .

Additionally to painter trainings, programmes in different countries incorporate other skills training to further support young people's development. For example, in Brazil the programme lasted for a period of 8 weeks, covering 8 different modules like personal &professional development, entrepreneurship, business Portugese etc.

The purpose of job orientation activities is to introduce young people into the work environment of and show them the variety of career opportunities offered by AkzoNobel. For example, such an activity took place in South Africa, where 37 SOS young people had a presentation of the different department of AkzoNobel.

Through the renovation activities, AkzoNobel supports SOS Children's Villages in providing improved living spaces for all children and young people. Such an activity took place for example in South Africa, where eight living spaces were painted.