Activities with DPDHL Group

Workshops are one of the most common activity types in the GoTeach programme. For example, in Brazil, for a period of 13 weeks, SOS young people and DHL volunteers meet every Saturday in order to develop their professional skills. They learn about the different career opportunities at DPDHL Group, they develop their professional attitude at the work place and improve communication skills, as well as they get more insights regarding data processing and personal finance.  

The internship activity is a great learning experience for both the intern and the volunteer. The youth develops personally and professionally, so that after the internship experience they are independent, know better what they want in life and feel prepared for working in a professional environment. The volunteers are role models for the youth and feel the impact they can make on their lives which they also see as an opportunity to give back to the community. The average duration is between 3 and 6 months, with some examples of shorter internships (Morocco – 1 or 2 months), and some examples of longer internships (El Salvador – one year).

Through the mentorship sessions, DHL middle and senior managers provide the young people not only with work exposure and professional experiences, but they foster also personal development, confidence, esteem and leadership skills.

The Camp-style activities are specific to Asian countries: Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. The greatest benefit is that they can address a large new target group, the youth from remote areas. During the 2-3 days of full agenda of career orientation, there are a variety of activities and skills covered: vocational training, work experience skills and other necessary skills to enter the working world. Employees from different business units are involved in the camps.

The purpose of career fairs is letting young people get insights on the professional work environment and developing a vision of their future by showing them the variety of career opportunities offered by DHL, their customers and vendors. Market stalls of each department are built to expose the young people to career opportunities and give them the opportunity to network with the professionals within that industry/vocation.

A new entrepreneurship concept has been introduced as part of the GoTeach activities. In 2015 in Uganda 27 businesses and 28 entrepreneurs among the young people of SOS Children’s Villages have been created. For the young entrepreneurs, this represents a great opportunity to become self-reliant and independent and it contributes to the socio-economic development of their societies.